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Our dream team of Health and Fitness Trainers - all for YOU!


Owner & Manager

Carlin has a passion for health, fitness, and overall well-being. She aims to help people improve their lives by exercising healthy living in four areas: heart, mind, body, and soul.



Group Fitness, Nutrition, and Personal Trainer

Kristin is our in-house nutrition expert (Precision Nutrition certified) and ACE-certified personal trainer. At Strive 4 Fitness, she uses a variety of training and nutrition methods to guide her clients in health and wellness. Her dedication to fitness runs deep, and her favorite way to motivate clients is to live by example. Kristin is a focused, driven trainer determined to get people results! She loves helping people transform their lives, both in one-on-one training sessions and in group fitness classes. If you're looking to ramp up your training program, elevate your nutrition, or rekindle your group fitness journey, Kristin is the person to go to!



Group Fitness, Athletic, and Personal Trainer

Caiden is a hard-working trainer who hopes to inspire and enact positive change in every life he affects. He's been an ACE-certified Personal Trainer for over two years. At Strive 4 Fitness, he specializes in strength and skills training - focusing on strength conditioning to build muscle and improve athleticism. He believes that small, consistent steps over time lead to big gains, and his training methodology is geared toward constant improvement: always building and always moving forward. As an athlete, Caiden played football and rugby at Muskego High school and college football at UW-Oshkosh. One of his favorite things to see in training is the crazy look people give him when he shows them their intense workout. He’s excited to get moving with you!



Group Fitness, Athletic, and Personal Trainer

John has been a personal trainer for over 4 years, equipped with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science and an ACE personal training certification. John is always interested in improving his own skills and athletic abilities and enjoys teaching others these skills even more. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his clients appreciate the push he brings to each training session. John has also been through his own health and wellness journey and is currently sustaining a weight loss of 100 pounds. He knows what his clients can accomplish by putting in the extra effort, and he is passionate about helping others who stand where he once stood.



Group Fitness Trainer

Brooke is a great addition to the STF team. Brooke is a full time ICU nurse with a passion for fitness who loves to bring some added punch to her workouts. Come see what she has to offer!



Group Fitness Trainer

Joey is an Expert Rating-certified Personal Trainer who has been with Strive 4 Fitness for over 4 years. Joey focuses on core, movement, and skills training, but specializes in soccer training and athletic skills development. He played college soccer for ISU/Concordia/HCC and has been a coach for FC Wisconsin U12-16 boys. Joey is motivated by seeing everyone’s drive to achieve their fitness goals. Not only is he eager to help others achieve their goals, but also to become a better trainer! He loves to see everyone's smile when they finish a workout or accomplish a hard-earned goal.

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Kickboxing Trainer

Rick has trained in Karate, Taekwondo, Brazilian jujitsu (BJJ), kickboxing, and MMA. He has a passion for training and aims to empower women, especially his own daughters, with the skills of BJJ. In his classes, he uses his many years of experience to teach skills to save lives, build relationships, and gain confidence. Better yet? He'd love for you to be able to pass these skills onto your own families and loved ones!

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Group Fitness Trainer

Kristin is a group trainer at Strive 4 Fitness as well as a full time accountant with her MBA in Business.  She has a passion for golf (winning the WIAC conference in 2021) and fitness, both of which lead her to become a trainer.  She offers high energy and strength classes.



Our very own Strive 4 Fitness mascots!

Nova and Willie might be around to lend a paw from time to time! They love to help our members stay motivated by giving hi-fives after a sweaty workout!

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